I don’t even own an invisibility cloak

And then she disappeared for a week!

I am so good at this blogging thing you guys.

Well, it is nice to see people are still lurking about, hi there and all! Sorry I’m rubbish. Um. Sock pic to make up for it?


Yeah, that wouldn’t do much for me, either.

It has been a minor hell of a week. Mom issues – she’s fine, but I had a hairy couple of hours there with worry. Then I got food poisoning. Actually, it’s more accurate to say I gave my own damn self food poisoning. How embarrassing. Kids, don’t chill cookie dough and then let it warm up to room temperature and thenĀ extensively sample it.

Good cookie dough, though.

Here, have a cat.

trilbycatThat’s my Trilbygirl, all twelve pounds of her. No, she doesn’t look that heavy, does she? You should let her sit on you.

Mina and Callie are still kicking around, and they’re fine, they just don’t like cameras. Callie, being sixteen, is costing me a lot of money this year in vet checkups and the like, but she’s healthy most of the time. “She’s just old,” my vet says, and isn’t that just so darn reassuring? Especially since that fat old ottoman now weighs a mere eight pounds?

I know. It shocked me too.

I have work to do (yes – book – one day) and food to eat and, oh damn, I meant to do laundry and water the garden.

Oh yeah. I started a garden. And didn’t hardly kill nothin’. I even got some tomatoes out of the deal and they were super tasty. Also, you should try my pesto. My basil plants are crazy massive and amazingly delish.

Gardening is very zen. Well, until the wasps.

Hope you guys are having decent enough weeks and all!


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