My friend Maggie – Jessica in reality – is in the hospital with a horrible case of necrotizing fasciitis. Yes. The flesh-eating bacteria.

Maggie gave me a home when I first moved to Dallas. We have been friends for nearly twenty years. She is one of the smartest, most motivated and amazing people I have ever met or known.

She is inĀ terrible danger right now.

I’m sorry I have nothing funny or of any other interest to say, especially after two weeks of silence, but the majority of my thoughts are with her and on her right now. She is a single mom to two active boys, she recently graduated summa cum laude with a history degree and got her first real job, and now this is happening. No one deserves a situation like this, but since she is close to my heart I am feeling the “she doesn’t deserve this” a little more fiercely at the moment.

Please keep her in your thoughts and if you can, spare a few dollars to help get her friend Faynie down here and to help pay some of the massive medical bills she’s incurring.

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