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Jessica-Maggie: still in hospital, though started physical therapy as of today and is determined to get home so she can order us all around for Thanksgiving! WE ARE ALL PERFECTLY OKAY WITH THIS. Although I am pretty sure I am going to insist she do all the bread picking for the fussy WASP stuffing she likes.

(it is delicious stuffing, to be perfectly fair, it’s just not cornbread stuffing, which I as a Louisiana girl find odd. moving on…)

Book: Turned in manuscript for first round of edits. It’s a romance novel, it’s LGBT, it’s coming out next year. As it were, ahahahaha. Publicity person (!!!!!!) has started making noises about conventions and promo cards for me to sign and that sort of thing and this is me right now –



The story of how this all happened deserves more time than I have to give right now, but I keep saying that and never having time, so. Here you are, I’m just going to spit it out.

I tripped and fell into a fandom a few years back – specifically, the Glee fandom. All my puzzling over what the hell people would write fanfic for, and next thing you know I’m writing it. And the next thing you know after that, I’m converting one of those fanfics into an honest to god romance novel.

Before you ask, no. It is not BDSM. It is not in any way, shape or form Fifty Shades of Grey except for the fact that yes, it was once a fanfic. My publisher, Interlude Press, is not a vanity press, they’re a new boutique press specializing in literary romance and they’ve been working on launching for a long time now. They’ve already put out several novels this year – including one by one of my fandom friends that is in fact a gay BDSM serial and is smoking hot, if you were looking for something like that.

So this is a real thing, all of it. And I get to be a part of it. I mean, as long as my editor (!!!!!!!) doesn’t send back my manuscript with instructions to burn it and never show it to anyone else, ever.

It may be ludicrous, but that is definitely one of the nightmares that keeps me awake at night. I do prefer it to any of the recurring nightmares involving my ex, at least…

Anyway. Book, oh my god. I can’t tell you anything more about it – I don’t know when I will get the clear to – but those of you who have stuck around reading my navel-gazings for the better part of the last decade from one blog to the next, you deserved to at least know this was happening. All my nervous dithering and trying to work out how to actually write a damn book – you were all there for that. Some of you believed I would actually manage it. And now here we are.

(let me tell you, too – fanfic is amazing when you keep stopping and starting on writing a novel. it’s fun, sure, loads of it, and you meet a lot of friends – but before I wrote my first fanfic, I was struggling. three, four years and about 500,000 words later, I have written my way through multiple genres, multiple pairings, all kinds of situations romantic, murderous, and angsty. holy shitweasels, is what I am saying)

This is sort of nuts, really. It sinks in when I get an email about it from one of TPTB, and then it wanders away for a while when I am playing Zentomino, and then I get another email and I start laughing hysterically and can’t stop for much longer than is probably healthy.

I’m trying to imagine what I will do when I’m holding a copy of the thing in my hand for the first time. None of my speculations is dignified in any way and all of them involve sobbing.


I submitted my manuscript from a Starbucks near the hospital Jess is staying in. A cliche for the ages, naturally.

And now I wait.

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