more of the same but even less timely

I am trying not to think what it says about me that I post this photo –


– and people assume I have gotten a new cat.

Not mine. Jessica’s. His name is Loki. He is very cute and likes me a lot, but is not in any way ever coming home with me.

Also, Jessica is home, by the way, adjusting to life the way it is for her now. I keep saying she should start a blog about everything, but she doesn’t think she has the voice for it. Obviously I think otherwise! But I have never been very good at talking people into doing things I think would be neat.

Alas. I think the world is missing out, but maybe she will change her mind later.

Soup Season is still raging onward, with my latest pots of yum being this roasted root vegetable soup posted by the Yarn Harlot (amazing as hell served with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt and a liberal sprinkling of Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning) and a variation on this creamy roasted turnip and potato soup (the variation being I didn’t add cream to the entire pot, but per bowl served, so I could freeze the leftovers. also I did not use thyme).

My freezer is slowly filling up with little screwtop pots of marvelous homemade soups. I have a goal with this – my mother and my aunt have taken to making long visits over the Christmas holidays, which I enjoy immensely. However, as I also have to work during much of their visits, I end up being generally too tired to shop and cook for three people. And yet on the other hand? I have gone off of takeout, fast food, and convenience foods a little bit in the last couple of years, plus I don’t want to force people to eat pasta all the time. Which meant that obviously a solution needed to be found, and that solution is to load up my freezer with individual portions of hearty soups. It won’t save me from cooking all the time, but it will take some of the load off. And it keeps the freezer too full to shove a bunch of Hot Pockets and pizza rolls in, which pleases me in this terribly smug sort of way.

I’m not saying I have gotten obnoxious about eating well…well, not much. A little.

Listen, my bloodwork has been amazing the last couple of years, largely down to the upending and reorganizing how I eat, I get to be smug okay.

Ignore that box of Chocolate Vanilla Pop-Tarts in the back there. No one asked you.

Quick! Look at this thing I knitted!



The pattern is improvised – no, I wouldn’t write it up ever, it really is a hot mess of cobbling and “hm, that’s not wide enough, let’s add this”, but if you would like something similar, I think this Winter Morning pattern looks very nice and is free. My particular little earwarmer headband took about three days to knit (what with the guessing and cobbling and buying of buttons – which is another advantage of the Winter Morning pattern, no buttons and therefore no need to $#&!ing crochet button loops), I think that pattern might go a little faster.

I’m using the yarn leftovers (and the yarn is Loops & Threads Charming, a wool/acrylic/cashmere blend that is very soft and cuddly) to knit these mitts to coordinate. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned in previous iterations of this here blog thing how much I love Ysolda and think she’s amazingly clever, so I am taking the time now. Those garter stitch mitts are genius, so easy to knit but the shaping with short rows is brilliant. I’m nearly done with the first one – I would be done with it entirely, but I ran out of yarn in my little ball. Oops. Failure to plan and all…

No, I do not know how I have managed to survive this long. Dumb luck, is my best guess.

On the book front, my manuscript is still in the editing stages and hasn’t come back to me yet. It’s due to soon, and strangely, I find myself eager to get it back already (which is very impatient and mean of me given that I know full well my poor editor spent over a week stuck in bed with a raging case of something terrible – not sure what, but she sounded like death on the phone, yet she was determined to give me some preliminary notes back…woman is a trooper for sure) and start playing with my characters again.

I find this interesting given that towards the end of the first draft process, I was getting entirely sick of them. Bear in mind that this book was adapted from a fanfiction work I had done in the past, which mean I had already spent a lot of time with iterations of these folks and the setting in which they live. I adjusted the setting and created new folks, but enough was still the same that spending more time immersed in this thing was making me loathe the entire enterprise wholeheartedly.

(I am doing a really great job of making people want to read this when it comes out I am sure)

It has been, what, a month now? A month since I put down the pen (as it were) and shipped the whole thing off. A month in which I have only dabbled in writing here and there, nothing very substantial, nothing I’ve played with much. I’ve watched a lot of my fellow writers at Interlude doing NaNoWriMo or starting on their next projects, and I feel a bit like a slacker, but on the other hand I can’t imagine starting anything else even remotely serious right now, not with my boys hanging about waiting to be edited and sorted.

And in that month I have come to miss them. So I am ready to play with them again. I am ready to see what the next team of folks have to say, what the art director will come up with coverwise, what my release dates will be.

What my title will be, as there have been hints that we might look into changing that.

This is all still entirely terrifying, of course. My life’s dream coming true and I’m still prone to fits of hysterical laughter and what if everyone hates it what if it is actually a pile of shit.

I’m sure that’s very healthy.

Excuse me, I have the urge to go shove a Pop-Tart into my piehole now.

Edit: P.S. – would you like to buy some of the other books my publisher has put out? The latest offering is The Bones of You by Laura Stone (my plan for today is to read this), but there are many other books to suit all your gay romance needs, and of course there are more to come as well, filling in all of the LGBTQ++ alphabet and then some.

Like mine. One day. Eeeeeee….okay Pop-Tarts now.

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