Actively Terrible

Good Christ, I am bad at this whole blogging thing. I’m reasonable good at Instagram, decent enough on Twitter, but blogging? Crap.

In my defense, the latest WordPress update does not seem to work with Chrome, and I had to delete the mobile iPhone app because I somehow…broke it?

I’m updating from my phone browser. Which is Chrome, but I suppose whatever broke WordPress for desktop Chrome hasn’t carried over, although now that I’ve SAID that, my basically new phone will probably burst into flames before I finish this post. Let’s hope for the best.

Although with that out of the way, I don’t have much to report. I meant to tell the story of how I mom-armed my Christmas tree getting it home and that’s how I found out my skin is not so much cool with pine sap or resin or whatever it is that comes out of tiny pine needles when you crash your arm into them when some less than stellar Texas driver abruptly brakes in front of you. I meant to tell that story. But it’s basically what you see here, a paragraph of God Damn It People, so I never did.

(my skin has recovered nicely but now I have to use a long stemmed pot to water the pretty full-branched tree that turned out to be a terrible idea)

I could talk about how New Year’s 2012 didn’t work out as planned when I got the flu, and 2013 didn’t work because I was too damn tired after work, and now New Year’s 2014 I’m sitting here with a fresh root canal and a staggering array of drugs, but DAMN IT I have parties to attend and I AM GOING TO DO IT.

But, uh, again, that’s about it.

Also my family is visiting again, cats and all, but I’m not ready to talk about how I almost died on the trip back up here thanks to an attempt to avoid a cyclist with oversized saddlebags, a Texas driver, and torrential rains.

At least I’m getting my novel edited between disasters. Every cloud. ¬†And yet knock wood, toss salt, turn around three times widdershins and for the love of god, Don’t Blink. It involves more than one chapter rewrite.

I’ll be be back after the new year, if I survive whatever mysteries the universe has planned for tonight.










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