Definitely, Maybe, Yours – Launch Day!

Hi, hello, and can you even believe it! It’s launch day for my book!

I don’t know where to begin, I’m so excited. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years, decades, and I have to thank Interlude Press for taking a chance on me and making this happen. And I have to thank everyone who has stuck by me while I muddled through trying to figure out what story I wanted to tell.

And look! Look at this, this is my actual book, a stack of them sitting on my dining room table!


This calls for a celebration. One, I’m kicking things off with a Virtual Book Tour starting today, August 11th. My first stops will be at Happily Ever Chapter, Jessie G. Books, and Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words (and they reviewed as well, very nicely!) – please check them out! I’ll be posting direct links to all of my VBT stops on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, so now’s a good time to start following me at one of those places if you aren’t already.

Two, I have in my hot little hands some bookplates that I ordered – ten of them exactly. They’re the cover of the book in sticker form, and I want to give them away, signed. The Rafflecopter widget below will run for six days, so get signed up! You’ll have to be willing to give me a mailing address if you win, but honestly, I will not use it for nefarious purposes. It’s too much of a pain to get to the post office except for special occasions, so trust me on this, I’ll send you a bookplate and you will never hear from me again!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(I think I did the Rafflecopter right – if not, I will figure out something else)

Three, I’ve put together the promised PDF of recipes, all four of them together in one file so you don’t have to come here and poke around looking for what you want to bake. It’s here: The Recipe Box. I hope you like it!

So let’s get this party started! Grab that PDF, enter that giveaway, and check out my Virtual Book Tour!

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2 Responses to Definitely, Maybe, Yours – Launch Day!

  1. Ariss says:

    I just purchased your book from Smashwords and was surprised it was only offered in epub format. I hope you will consider more formats in the future. Perhaps you would also consider offering it on ARE as that’s a popular website and would give you a wider audience. Just a few suggestions, hope you don’t mind. I am off to read your book now!

    • Lissa says:

      Thank you so much!

      My book is also available on Amazon in Kindle format, and in a multi-format eBook bundle directly from Interlude Press. I hope one of those options is a better fit for you!

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