I Wandered Off Again

Sorry, there’s just not that much that’s interesting about banking software or cycling bags of yarn in and out of my freezer, which are exactly all of the things I’ve been up to lately. But just in case you were concerned, so far things look good in the yarn department, and work is still interesting, so there’s that.

I can show off my knitting, I guess. With the whole stash disaster going on, I’ve managed to round up all of my WIPs, and while I have a comparatively small stash and therefore a reasonable number of WIPs, they’re sort of ridiculous in that I have them at all so I’ve decided to try to wrap some of the smaller ones up in order to feel better about myself.

I’m starting with a pair of socks I cast on back when Definitely had come back to me for edits – so, fall of 2014. I kept finding the first half-finished sock in various handbags from time to time and I would go, oh, I should work on this. And then I wouldn’t. Apparently I thought they would finish themselves.

Shocking how that doesn’t happen. Where’s my magical knitting spell already?

I did finally remember to finish the first one, so here’s the second one, and maybe I’ll get it finished before my second book comes out, who knows.


Actually, it is coming along pretty nicely now that I’ve got a fairly good handle on lever knitting – which is really saving my aching fingers a lot of grief – so anything is possible. The yarn is Sundara Sock in Cranberry Chutney and the yummy sushi thing there is a sock in progress holder that I got from Carry It Pretty.

That’s my purse project. I’ve also started the pair of mittens that kicked off the whole Stash Debacle, having ordered and received replacement yarn. This is Knitpicks’ Biggo yarn and knitting very small child mittens out of it is cracking me up.


Look at that! It took two hours, my fingers hardly fit into it, I figure another two hours and it’ll be done and I can start on the second one. This is hilarious. Oh jeez, to knit small objects out of bulky yarn forever, I would die laughing.

They’re so small. I might even have enough leftover for a hat and scarf – I ordered two skeins for some insane reason. I’m not very good at mathing yarn quantities, okay? I overshot, but that’s fine, if mittens are putting me on the floor in gales of giggles, I can’t imagine what a hat will do. Maybe I’ll even cable it. That would be bonus extra fun times.

Probably this is only funny to me. So here, in conclusion, have something that is never not funny: a pudgy, suspicious Siamese:


Lord but I love this fat little cat. Bless.

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