You will be unsurprised to know I have finished neither the mittens or the socks from my prior post. I have not, in face, worked even so much as a single stitch on either one.

You’d be further unsurprised, I suspect, to know that I have cast on an entirely different pair of socks.


To my credit, that’s at least the second sock of a pair, and I’ve set a deadline to have them finished by my 39th birthday, which is in, let’s see. Two weeks and one day. Since it took me eleven days to knit the first sock, I think I can swing it. I just have to actually knit on it. So far, so good.

How’d the new socks come about, you ask? Eh. Left the cranberry colored socks at home, got twitchy what with having no knitting on hand, and went to Michael’s to remedy the situation. Perfectly normal. The yarn is Patons Kroy Socks, not the world’s softest yarn, but nice enough and plenty entertaining. I’d say I got value for my dollars and then some, as it’s also not a terribly expensive sock yarn.

Update on the Freezer Yarn: the most important yarns have finished their freeze-thaw-get beaten cycle, are as clean as I can get them, and are sealed into big Ziplocs that are subsequently sealed into big plastic boxes. New yarn has come into the house, it has been promptly Ziplocked if it wasn’t already sealed in plastic, and is in its own New Yarn box. WIPs are now stored in cute drawstring bags I got at our local Daiso (a very dangerous but also useful store, everything is from Japan, most of it is about $1.50 a piece, and their storage options are revolutionizing my apartment and also I eat too much Strawberry Cream Pocky) and hung from command hooks mounted on the side of my tallest bookcase. So if nothing else this entire debacle has really jolted me into better organization, and I’m not even close to done. I am exploring over-door racks and tension rods. My home may never be the same.

It’s actually helped me create a much more peaceful space, really. I have room on my couch to sit and knit. My end table cabinet, now divested of the yarn boxes, is home to my old eeePC and a pair of nice speakers – the eeePC, being pretty outdated at this point, is serving strictly as a radio, more or less. I listen to classical music and radio dramas on BBC’s radio iPlayer and it’s nice. Nice and tranquil and peaceful.

I’m enjoying it in the time I have before I start work on Book Three, which should be in in about four days. Murphy’s Law being what it is, I bet I get my first round of edits on Book Two back right about then.

There is rest for the wicked, but the post-nap crash is pretty brutal, my kittens.

I’ll be back. In theory. Send cookies.


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