Oh God Oh God

Jesus Christ. Two months? Literally it has been two months since I set foot on this thing. I used to be good at this. And I have no excuse, none. I have a mobile phone, I can blog from it, but do I? No. No, I do not.

I would say “In my defense, I…” but in my defense, my pie-eyed pony. There is no defense for this kind of flagrant blog neglect. Sure, I have been on social media like crazy…no, also not true. I have been on Twitter like crazy. I have been on my Facebook page with all the reliability and enthusiasm of Lizzie Bennet being courted by Mr. Collins.

Y’all. I am a writer. The least I think I should be able to do is sit down and write blog posts with some kind of frequency. Especially since I have been somewhat, ah, lax on the Writing A Book front. What? Who said that. Not me.


Okay. So. Here I am. Now, the great thing is that I do actually have things to put here. They are book things. And if you follow me on social media (cough twitter cough) you’ve seen them but hey. It’s been a while. Let’s have a refresher, if for no other reason than for you all to smile politely and let me pretend that I am Getting My Act Together. Okay? Thank you.

For one thing, perhaps there is a whole entire one of you that has not seen this glorious thing:

CPY cover

CATCH. THAT. HOTNESS. That is the cover of Book Two, now officially Certainly, Possibly, You and perhaps you may infer from the cover that this one’s got lady loving.

(also: the co-protagonist is an openly bisexual female and I love her and I cannot wait for you to meet her)

If you’ve read Definitely, Maybe, Yours, you have met Sarita Sengupta, the lesbian head decorator and sassbucket at Seattle’s Sucre Coeur bakery. I liked her so much I wanted to tell her love story too, and so here we are. Despite the public displays of virtual tearing my hair out one might have seen on Twitter, I really had a fun time writing this second book of mine. It’s rollicking good fun with snark and a dash of drama and plenty of baked goods, plus: ballroom dancing. Y’all. Sarita the Decorator meets Maritza the Ballroom Dancer when she least expects it and she has no idea what to do about it. Maritza has a few notions…she just also has a few problems. Like Nicky. Oh, nobody is going to like Nicky. This will be so much fun.

Team DMY Test Kitchen is gearing up to bring you another mini-recipe box in the lead up to the book release. Which is…this fall. Yes. September-ish. I will tell you more when I am allowed. But my intrepid co-baker Angela and I have some good stuff up our sleeves for you, and hey, if you catch me at Romantic Times next month, you might just get your hands on a sample of one of the recipes if the Interlude Press team doesn’t clean me out first.

Oh yeah: because I will be at RTCon in Las Vegas next month! I will be signing copies of Definitely, Maybe, Yours at the Giant Book Fair on April 16th! I believe a pass for just the Book Fair is $10, so if you’re in the area and want to meet me (or hey, any other IP authors, there’s a whole whack of us that will be there), that’s your chance. I will sign a book, I will take selfies, I dunno, anything within reason. Come find me, it will be fun. I will probably be knitting. I will probably have bright blue fingernails. And my hair is red again. It’s all fun and exciting.

I might even spill a couple secrets. Wink, wink. You never know.

However, I have two cats staring me down because I, terrible cat mother that I am, have made them wait a whole two hours for their dinner, never mind that there are bowls of kibble available to them at all times. Am monster.

I will be back, I swear to God I will be back and there will be cats and knitting and gardening (my balcony containers are packed and it’s gorgeous) the whole nine yards. Really. I’ll try, anyway.



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