Words, Schmurds

Look, folks. I just don’t even know.

I’ve been sitting on a post for weeks now. The tragic thing is, it’s not even a good post. No confessions, no light jokes. No. It’s a half-written post on how I managed to slice open not one, but two fingers while learning to use my new mandoline to make fridge pickles.

Mandoline, not mandolin. I realized I had to clarify that when friends started asking me why I had taken up this particular musical instrument and how did I injure myself on it, anyway? I don’t know what that says about me as a person, that this is where people went with that. Say you want to take up the hurdy-gurdy once

Anyway, as blog fodder, it was pretty lame material. Obviously. My fingers are fine now.

But I’m not really writing at the moment. I am thinking about writing, and I am thinking about how I have a book coming out this fall, probably. But thought does not translate into action, at least not yet (hey, scientists working on that, call me! ). This, too, fails to make for blog fodder.

I’m knitting, a little, but on the same crimson socks I have been knitting off and on for a couple years now, and that is pathetic, so I can’t even bring myself to show you that. Although I did turn the second heel of the pair, so there’s that.

Basically all I have to offer you all (all two of you, one of whom is related to me) is this: I aten’t dead. Not for the universe’s lack of trying to bum me out to death but no, I aten’t.



I know. Nobody is impressed with me. This is not new.

I can offer two things:

  1. On my Tumblr, I wrote a review of Kitty Stephens’ new book Set Me Free – it’s a sweet summer romance story between two young men who meet and fall for each other at Tybee Island. If you find my review convincing, you can buy the book here. Kitty is a friend, and a dear, and her book is really charming and a nice summer read.
  2. Last year, my friend K.E. Belledonne put out a wonderful wartime romance, Right Here Waiting. I mean, this is a book I love, the story of two men in WWII who have a sweet relationship and are parted when one goes to war. It’s fantastic.

    Well, based on a sneak peek I got last year, her new book, Daniel & Erik’s Super Fab Ultimate Wedding Checklist is going to blow everyone away. My impression last year was very much that it was a gay Bridget Jones’ Diary meets Bridezilla and I don’t think that’s changed. It comes out tomorrow, it has my favorite cover of any of Interlude Press’s work yet, and I am stoked for you all to read it. You can get it here. I feel pretty strongly that it will be absolutely worth it.

Well, I have Chinese food that’s not going to eat itself, so I’ll see you all back in a few weeks when I might have managed to keep up with my newly restarted yoga routine and perhaps poked some more at my next book, haha, sure.

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