Freedom! Sweet, Temporary Freedom!

“You’re in a good mood this evening,” observed the checkout girl at my local Kroger, a slightly wary look on her face as she slid my almondmilk horchata over to the bagger.

“I slept all day and now I’m going to get tacos,” I replied, jamming my credit card into the reader machine with a force and a cheer that was perhaps a little more excessive than strictly called for. “Best. Vacation. Ever.”

I took a few days off from work after several very stressful months in the office. It was badly needed. I may be slightly manic at the moment. Until a few minutes ago, all I had eaten today was a handful of butter toffee peanuts.


I’m not doing a damn thing. I’m not going anywhere. I’m just being Not At Work. It’s friggin’ glorious. I could write odes to it, paens, entire epics. There are no expectations on me, I’ve turned my work phone off, and I had cat food delivered right to my door, let us all give thanks to Amazon.


Plans: none, beyond venturing out for truffle fries sometime tomorrow. Maybe I’ll drop a lavender-lemon wax melt in the warmer and pretend I’m in the French countryside, I don’t know. I’ll eat orange cream popsicles and read books (currently I’m on book three of Cindy Brandner’s Exit Unicorns series. Heart? What heart, who needs a heart, not me, good thing, mine’s shattered, ahahahahaaaaaah) on the back porch, I’ll catch Pokemon from the living room couch (yeah, it got me too, but that should be approximately zero surprise), I’ll binge watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend again and again and again until all the lyrics to West Covina are permanently embedded in the depths of my psyche. Hell, let’s go crazy, I might even get some knitting done.


(is anyone else singing the word vacation to the tune of Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof? Just me? Okay, carrying on)

Admittedly, I’m probably going to actually do some writing on my third book (which reminds me! Hey! Certainly, Possibly, You is ready for your pre-orders now! Make with the clicky-clicky here for the deets, and I’ll work on getting actual pre-order links up in the sidebar this weekend), and maybe I’ll get some editing in on the second one…I am not a total hedonist.

I feel a little giddy and manic at the moment, I think it’s all down to the head rush of not having to go into the office. As much as I do rather enjoy my job, it has been a massive tangle of stress and strain for most of 2016. I do get weekends off, but two days hasn’t been enough to fully unwind lately. And while I did enjoy my week in Las Vegas a ton, technically, that was also work, and also I did not sleep well – the beds at the Rio are killer, but there is a distinct lack of snuggly, snoozing, purring felines at a hotel, and I just can’t sleep if I’m not brushing cat fur off of my mouth and fearing for the tender skin of my toes.

I have nowhere to be. Nothing I have to do. No fires to put out, no reports to turn in, no phone calls to answer.

I’m free for the next four days. Free. Freeeeeeeeeeee.



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