Certainly, Possibly, You: The (Virtual) Book Tour!

Hello! Insert usual sad, panicked disclaimer about how bad I have gotten at blogging the last few years. Follow it up with an apology that I sincerely mean, but which will in all likelihood not compel me to get better at blogging. Curses.

At any rate. In the, ah, month and a half since I last blathered at you all, I have managed, with considerable help, to publish a book. My second book! I know, you all already know that, but it’s still a bit of a screaming moment of excitement for me. For someone who had begun to think she would never work out how to write an entire book, let alone have it published, this is still a big deal. I am still at the point where I carry a copy of it everywhere. Actually, I carry my copies of both Definitely and Certainly around together because a) gosh they’re pretty and b) they are BOOKS that I WROTE and that HAVE MY PICTURE IN THEM BECAUSE I WROTE THEM. This is the state of my mind and my tote bag today. I will move past it, but right now, kind of reveling in it.

What this all means is that I am (apart from being slightly unhinged from excitement), going on tour!

Virtually. Which means I get to remain firmly in my yoga pants at my desk, with a screaming cat in my lap and my stash of fizzy water at hand. You guys, I am all about this.

The tour kicked off last Thursday, and there’s only two stops so far – I am going to be doing a mini-digest every couple of days. Let’s get moving!


Thursday, I stopped at Diverse Reader to discuss love and book covers and the one thing about me that surprises people.

Friday, I wandered over to Molly Lolly and dropped off Certainly’s second female protagonist, Maritza, and had her discuss what she does on a day off.

Each tour stop includes a Rafflecopter link, so enter for your chance to win one of five eBook copies of Certainly, Possibly, You!

The second book in the Sucre Coeur series, Certainly, Possibly, You is available now  from Interlude Press and other online book retailers.

Want a chance to win one of five print copies of Certainly, Possibly, You? Enter our Goodreads giveaway, running now through October 13th.

So. There you go. I have been naughty and absent but I have come back with an entire book and a tour, so, I think it is not a bad month and a half’s work? Maybe?

I will sincerely attempt to do better.

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