Rolling On: The (Virtual) Book Tour Continues!

Look at this. Look at it! Two posts in one week. I am as shocked as you are.

I am hard at work on Book Three – did anyone who bought Certainly catch the little B3 surprise there in the back? You’re welcome – but Certainly has only been out for a week, and I still want people to read it! And I still have interviews coming! Not to mention the ones I have already done.

And on that note, here are this week’s Virtual Book Tour stops!


At Parker Williams’ blog, I talk about the pets of the Sucre Coeur universe, how tidy (or not) Maritza and Sarita are, and where the girls were born.

Over at Just Love Romance, I spill the beans on who I see playing the girls in my head, my favorite lines I have written, and what music I listen to during the writing process.

Prism Book Alliance was lovely enough to let me go on and on and on about my top ten favorite/most influential books.

More about the girls over at Bayou Book Junkie – their favorite foods, their friends…and in a side note about me, my favorite era (hint: it involves sundresses and Doc Martens)!

Now, each tour stop has a Rafflecopter going on, so please do enter for your chance to win an eBook of Certainly or maybe even a $25 Interlude Press gift card. Everyone loves free money for books, right? Lord knows I do.

Off now, but I will be back with more tour stops, and then when all of this is wrapped up and I have a minute between this-book-sucks-I-love-this-book-best mood swings on Book Three, I will come back and talk about how I am all of a sudden soda-free and have taken up running…again.

Edge of your seat stuff over here, I tell you.


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