Virtual Book Tour: That’s A Wrap!

I am covered in silver rainbow glitter, wow. I’ll explain later. Unless you follow me on social media, in which case, you already know. Anyway!

So this week wraps up my virtual book tour for Certainly, Possibly, You! I still have more things planned to offer – recipes are still very much on the table, and I hope for Angela and I to be able to get back to testing our current batch soon. But for now, how about you go visit these nice blogs and see what I had to say?


At Joyfully Jay, I disclose my strange writing habits, where I see myself in ten years, and, ah…my superpower. Sure, I have one. Don’t you?

Annie at From Top to Bottom Reviews got me to show her photos of my favorite headcanons for Sarita and Maritza, to talk about my favorite season, and she even weaseled out of me if I’ve ever killed off a character.

Gia at G. Jacks Writes was kind enough to take the time to review Certainly when I stopped over there.

And wrapping things up, Havan Fellows let me stop by and talk about what I liked writing about Sarita and Maritza, about whether or not I think I’d like full-time writing, and…my favorite pizza. Yum.

Thank you for following along on my book tour! There’s still seven days to go on the Rafflecopter giveaway for an Interlude Press gift certificate or an eBook, so go throw your name in the hat while you still can.

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