She’s Like The Wind (Not In A Patrick Swayze Way)

Right! Let’s get that depressing thing off the front page.

…hm. Got nothin’.

No! Wait! I do. I said I was going to talk about how I took up running.


Well, crap. I don’t know, guys. There’s not a lot of there there. Every once in a while I get the urge to try and complete Couch To 5K, and every once in a less frequent while I actually get off my ass and do it. Right now I’m at the start of week 4, and that’s the furthest I’ve sadly ever managed to get. And for all that, starting week 4 was an accident – I meant to be repeating week 3, but Saturday when I went to the rec center, Faux Nooz was on the overhead televisions, and all the treadmills I prefer were out of commission, and I was so distracted that I hit Start on my C25K app without looking at what day I was starting. Next thing I knew, I was too deep into the warm-up to back out and re-start on the correct day.

The good news is, I made it fully through week 4, day 1, I did not have to take breaks in the jogging stretches, and I did not die. So now I guess I have to do day 2. And so forth.

It has taken me some time to find my scheduling stride with running. There’s no getting past the fact that I am a fat girl. Exercise is not easy. Not that it’s ever easy for anyone, but I am putting some particular strain on the joints of my lower body in the running portions of C25K. I have to work out just how often I can go running.

It’s not necessarily bad that I can’t go running every day–my good friend Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified would surely love for me to do that, for hours and hours and hours on end. Being physically constrained by my weight is sort of helpful as I grapple with that less-awesome side of things. Sure, it also gives me something to worry about later if I keep all this fitness and food monitoring up, but for now, it’s no bad thing that my weight is a natural check on the excessive fitness urges I have been prone to in the past.

I’m also having to keep an eye on my left hip, which has never been the same since I utterly failed to correctly slide for home in a 7th grade softball game. I’ve had two semi-major sports-related injuries in my life, my left hip and my lower back (diving board incident during a swimming party, scoliosis), so of course I gravitate towards the one form of exercise guaranteed to exacerbate the achey fallout from both of them. Good job, self.

I tried running every other day, but this was too much for my hip. So I started going Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, taking weekends to rest. Still too much. Now I am at every third day, with occasional slow long walks on the in-between days (gotta get my Pokemon Go kilometers in, and Niantic quite cruelly does not measure my toils on the treadmill), and that so far seems to be helping me keep active, while not stressing my rickety joints too overmuch. Although I am also spending a lot of quality time with my f*$#%^g foam roller, just to be sure. Which, ow.

Why I have developed an appreciation for running as an adult when I absolutely loathed it as a teenager is beyond me. My high school cheerleading coach would be shocked right now. “You run?” she would ask. “Willingly? Without me yelling at you?”

Yeah, I don’t know either, Coach Buchholz. I really don’t.

How this will shake out, I also don’t know. I feel like in part, it’s a desperate effort to stay ahead of my depression, if I can. That always seems to get worse in wintertime, but exercise and keeping up with my Vitamin D intake (left to my own devices, I have basically no Vitamin D, which apparently is important to have if you are prone to depression) appear to help out. I’m also thinking of getting one of those sunlamps that I hear can be helpful.

So far, so good, though. I mean, week 4! If I finish it, I am officially halfway through C25K. That’s nothing at all to sneeze at, I think. And it’s helping me keep a bit more sane while I deal with how to handle the burgeoning resurgence of my age-old enemy, EDNOS (ugh, I hate talking about it, but I need to keep reiterating to myself that I cannot ostrich my way out of this one). Not to mention that I am definitely feeling stronger all the time, physically speaking.

Go me, then, I guess. Let’s see if I keep up with this, as my track record (ahahahaahahaahah) isn’t exactly stellar here, but on the other hand my ASICS running shoes were really pricey so I have to kind of at least keep up until I get my money’s worth out of them, right?

Yeah. Okay.

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  1. Kathleen Young says:

    Those lights, some of them, work extremely well, just do some homework on them. Open your curtain! Put black-out film on them if you wish, but real light works well, also.
    Oh, Vitamin D comes in capsules, some are really good, some so not. Homework.

    Luvs ya!

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