I’m Already Behind

All right. All right, that’s it. No more neglect! I’m going to sit down and properly tend to this blog!

…famous last words.

As usual, no excuses. My latest book came out in August. Four months ago! Bridget Jones was better at diary-ing than I am. Sure, she’s fictional and Helen Fielding was doing it all for her but still.


I confess, part of it is me grappling with the whole – imagine I am making some vague gestures toward my head here – brain problem. Oh, my tired, anxious, foggy brain. Working from home is getting better, but also I think it is still not my ideal state. As much as I am bad at being around people (because I am bad at being a people), I still seem to thrive a bit more when I am at least around them, having the opportunity to chat and swap recipes and throw potlucks and all.

Working from home, all I have is NRK P2 on all day, and while my Norwegian is certainly improving, I can’t actually talk back to a radio.

So, there is that. I am still figuring out how to deal with that. The bonus of working from home is that I am saving money on gas and lunches, plus I get to go out to my balcony and bask in the sunshine basically at any time. Also: all leggings, all the time. These are some considerable perks. They help.

OK, so FogBrain. That’s one factor. Another factor is that I have no life. It’s me, two cats, knitting, and books, when I bother to read anything other than Maeve Binchy novels (I am on my sixth re-read of Heart and Soul). Monthly, I have Queer Book Club Sunday. On Tuesdays I might have trivia in the Gayborhood with my friends. I suppose I could write about all of these things, but half the time I just Tweet about them and the other half, Instagram!

So that needs sorting.

I thought about doing NaNoWriMo. I’ve done it before, it’s how my second book made it out into the world (I didn’t win but I got a lot done on the book, so, it counts). But here we are on November 3rd and I haven’t written a lick. I have ideas, I’m just busy letting Impostor Syndrome win for the moment, and so, you know. Bupkes, as the kids say.

(I know the kids don’t say that)

I don’t know, you guys. 2017 has been hard on my head. I know it is hard on everyone’s but I’m the one that’s gotta cope with mine. And I am not, I mean, not really.

So I thought I would do something that used to be called NaNoBlogMo. Blogging every day in November. Then I would push myself to update my site (including my very outdated book purchase links), I’d get some writing done, and maybe I would feel slightly less guilty. I still have no life, but okay, I’ll make stuff up, too. I have some short-fiction ideas from the Sucre Coeur universe, maybe I can faff about with those.

Of course, I am already three days behind on NaNoBlogMo. Or is it two? My math is the worst.

Look. Have a sock. 

Yes, since finishing off the writing of a three-book series, I have picked up knitting once more. This is the second of a pair of socks intended for my mother, a pair of socks I have been lazily working on for two years. The yarn is by Regia, something called Clown Rings, and I have been taking so long to knit these socks that they discontinued the yarn.

I am starting to think I can only successfully complete one thing at a time, and in the last couple of years that thing has been writing books and turning them in on time.

So does that mean I can either blog every remaining day of the month, or knit my mom socks for Christmas?

Hrm. Well, if I come back tomorrow with photos of a slightly-more-complete sock, I guess we will have an answer of sorts.

Oh, the suspense.

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