No Appreciable Difference

Okay. Here is me, as of two minutes ago, with the second Clown Rings sock:

I know. No appreciable difference since last night. Now, that would be because I have not in fact knitted a stitch on it today. In my defense, I slept all day, because it is Saturday and that is what I do on Saturdays.

…that’s not the greatest defense, is it.

Whatever! I am headed out the door to a party (surprise, I might have more of a life than I thought). I am who I am, so I can guarantee you that there will be some knitting done on the sock at this party (this crowd is used to me knitting at their parties, I have done it at the last two parties of theirs I attended just this past month). And therefore, so far, I am managing to knit a sock and write blog entries. Not that two days in a row is any sort of record or anything, I realize. But little things! Give me the little things, damn it.

And please pardon my hair. I followed a Fashion Tip, which historically is something that is always disastrous for me, and today is no exception. Moreso because I desperately need a haircut, but since my last haircut in January was a touch traumatic, I have been afraid of getting back on that particular horse. Needs must…but tonight, I think I will just find a hair clip.

I will be back tomorrow with another blog entry, and with a few more rounds on the sock. And possibly a hangover, since before I go to the party, I am headed to the package store to buy the sort of wine only I drink, being an absolute infant when it comes to wine. It’s a step or two up from that Arbor Mist stuff, but that’s not saying a whole lot.

So bad at adulting.

Tomorrow, then!

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