Don’t Jinx Me

Howdy doodle, sugarpoodles. Lo, evidence.

Austin Eastciders Texas Honey Cider (a recent favorite), knitting, plates of snacks. Your gal did indeed socialize last night, as it was her best friend’s birthday party. Two ciders in, I thought it would be a good idea to take this picture…

I don’t know. It may not be the worst photo of me in existence, although I do wish I had thought to re-apply my lipstick. Well, two ciders, etc.

I bought Angela a book called “Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes: A No-Bullshit Guide to World Mythology,” written by Cory O’Brien. Dysfunctional retellings of many world myths, and a quick glance in the book made me think it was written with Ogden Nash as a heavy influence. Which I can appreciate, since my very favorite poem in the world is Nash’s “Very Like A Whale.”

At any rate it sounded very much up Angela’s street as well, so into the purple gift bag with the flimsily attached shiny ribbon it went!

I am terrible at Cards Against Humanity, so while folks much funnier than myself played that, I drank cider, ate fancy cheese, and worked on the Clown Ring socks.

Why, hello. That looks like a completed sock paired with its almost-identical twin sock that is very ready for toe decreases. Being discussed in a blog entry for a third day in a row. Do I feel epic and accomplished or what? Don’t answer that. Let me have this: I totally do.

So I think what I will do on this nice sunny November Sunday (don’t get me started…) is go grab a sandwich and a bottle of water and take myself off for a sock-finishing picnic. Because once the sock is finished, then I can take my sense of accomplishment and apply it to the half-doneĀ Selbu Modern hat I am knitting, since I really need a warm hat to take with me when I go to Norway this December and time is a-wastin’.

Norway? Norway. I’ll explain that later.

Sunshine (it’s 92 degrees Fahrenheit I CANNOT) ho, later, friend!

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