A Real Paul Sheldon Of A Problem

Saturday evening, I bought a plastic bottle of Topo Chico fizzy mineral water on the way home from Angela’s party. I don’t usually buy fizzy water in plastic bottles – cans are preferred since I like to consider myself the slightest bit environmentally conscious – but the 7-11 on the corner is somewhat lacking in chilled cans of LaCroix and for some reason didn’t have glass bottles of Topo, so fine. You make do.

I got it home and then decided I was more in the mood for still water, so the fizzy water sat untouched.

Until last night.

When I picked it up and unscrewed the cap and it sprayed all over my laptop. Which I suppose is all I deserve for buying bottled water, but it is still very annoying.

For the most part, all seems okay – except that the “E” key no longer works. And as we all learned in school – or if you’re me, from Stephen King’s Misery, read at a deeply inappropriate age – “E” is the most used letter of the English language alphabet. My legal first name alone has two of the stinkers.

So. You know. This is what one might call A Problem. Now, I do think I can replace the keyboard myself. I just don’t find myself having the mental bandwidth to deal with doing so at the moment.

I tried to blog using the WordPress app on my phone, but I seem perpetually unable to make the damn thing play ball. I did write this entry in the app, but it refused to either upload photos or publish the entry. I emailed the post to myself and then dug out a super hinky keyboard I’ve had for years and attached it to my laptop. It works, the keyboard does, but it is super not into it and I am exhausted just getting this post made.

I did go to the park yesterday with my knitting, and it was very nice, although I didn’t get much done. Knitting…apparently not pictured, but I assure you it was there and did get worked on, an entire two rows.

And now I’m going to go read a book. A proper book, made of paper, only because at this point I am afraid if I touch my Kindle it will explode at me and I am just so tired.

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