The Spanakopita Was Absolutely Worth It

Yeah, that last post was a bummer.

So! Okay. Deep breaths. I did not sleep worth a damn last night, and my hip decided it did not care for the incoming rainy weather we are about to experience and boy did it let me know. So waking up this morning was not exactly a picnic at the carnival. I hit the snooze button a lot.

Eventually, though, yep. I hauled myself out of bed and through the Ablutions Gauntlet, because I had been promised spanakopita. I was running late, but fortunately so was Jessica. And in fact we got to the Greek festival at St. Demetrios Orthodox Church later than we intended, but it was wholly worth it.

There was the promised spanakopita –

It was delicious. Possibly…no. It was definitely the best spanakopita I have had in my life. The pastry was paper-crisp, the filling perfectly savory and not too runny. It could have used a bit of time under the broiler to make the top more golden brown, but nevertheless, I think I could have eaten an entire pan.

(if you don’t follow me on Instagram or watch my InstaStories, yay for you! You get to see what was in today’s!)

There were also delicious gyros, as well as tangy, gooey saganaki, and a very tasty souvlaki, plus Greek fries (french fries under a heap of herbs and feta) and dolmas. I never have developed a taste for dolmas, but I am assured they were yummy.


It was absurdly wonderful.

I also bought a little handmade ceramic bowl. It looks black and white here, but that’s just the lighting. 

It is a lovely deep navy blue, and the white detailing is raised!

The maker marked it food safe…

..but yeah, it is on a bookcase right now, and it will be the key bowl. It is too pretty to eat out of.

Today was quite overcast and muggy (tomorrow the rain will arrive, and my hair will maybe deflate down to a somewhat more normal size), but it was still pleasant to get out with friends and have a nice day with very good food. I even got a few rounds knitted on the sock because I didn’t have to drive – but it doesn’t look any different, so I’ll just save that progress for another day, like a day when I actually finish it. Let’s set a goal for that to be this week, eh?

I totally had to take a Carb Nap when I got home from the festival, I will be awake all night, and I am still not even a tiny bit hungry. Wooooooorth iiiiiiiit.

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