It Just Happened

I can explain.

I sweartagod I can explain.

See, on Saturday, I went to pick up my knitting bag with the Clown Rings socks in it, and as I doublechecked it I realized I had lost the working needle and the spare one too – I only had the three needles that were actually in the sock, which is kind of impossible to work with.

And somehow, even though I have a pretty epic collection of sock-size knitting needles, I apparently only have one set of 2.5mm DPNs, and I have no 2.5mm circular knitting needle either. And I wasn’t going to go without knitting, if you are going out with friends and you aren’t the one driving, then you use that time to get some knitting done. Okay, ideally you would be working on your project that has already been languishing a shamefully long time but, I can’t knit a sock on three DPNs.

So of course I had to go into my sock yarn bins and find something else to cast on. Of course I did! I had no choice. I found some nice Patons Kroy Sock FX in Clover Colors. It’s nice, I remember buying it after several months of trying and failing to get two balls from the same dye lot. I was so pleased. I tucked it into a project bag along with a set of 2.25mm DPNs and my notions case.

That’s when I saw one of my missing DPNs from the Clown Rings socks. It was sitting on my coffee table, broad daylight, bold as brass. I snatched it up and confirmed the size in a needle gauge. Huzzah! I could work on my so-close-to-completion-it’s shameful project and never mind that hussy Patons yarn. Right?

Yeah, so, I wanted to knit with the Patons and I cast on yesterday. What are you gonna do about it.

Now, karma has already taken a neat bite out of my behind, as I have had to frog some of the new sock already – I was trying to use a little tiny textured stitch pattern for interest, and it wasn’t showing up because the yarn is so colorful. But I have it all sorted now. I have a headache, because the Patons sure is a stubborn yarn, but it is sorted and ready to be knit up properly and plainly.

I am going to Angela’s tomorrow evening to babysit and I swear  I will take the Clown Rings sock with me to finish it. It’s only a few more rows, this is stupid, I don’t know why I am having the worst time just doing it, but here we are. Still, I have a deadline – Mama needs her Christmas socks – and I have sworn I am not allowed to work on my new colorwork hat until I finish them. And I am going to need that hat in Norway and will sorely regret not having it, so really, I have got to get a move on.

Someone come hide my sock yarn stash from me. There’s no telling what I’ll cast on next.

(but you do have to give it back though, I want to be clear on that.)

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