Hated Every Second

I started binding off the second Clown Rings sock on Friday but somehow in the course of doing so just filled up with this blinding white fury at how fiddly the whole process was being and so I just put the sock down and went to bed early.

Then I procrastinated all day today. Got my entire book read for book club tomorrow, went to the Farmer’s Market for my favorite chips and salsa, and did a lot of stretching at my portable barre. Fed the cats. Drank tea. Ate muffins in bed. Tested out of two whole modules on Danish Duolingo.

And then, yeah, sat down, put on an episode of Fleabag, and finished the damn sock. Again. Gritting my teeth the entire time.

Now to wash them and let them dry and then bundle them away for Christmas, ho ho frickin’ HO.

Tomorrow I’m up to go to brunch with Jessica, then I am supposed to show her how to bake bread in her bread machine. Have I ever used a bread machine? I have not, not once in my life. But I have baked several loaves of excellent bread so she figures that I’ll…I don’t know. Impart my bread-making wisdom to the machine? Exert some sort of baker’s intimidation over it? I am unsure. But I told her I would give it a go, and we’d bake a pie to boot.

She wants to make bread machine challah. I haven’t even made regular challah. So, you know, this will be an interesting exercise in whatever it is I am supposed to do to make the machine cough up edible bread.

At least I know how to bake a dang pie.

At some point I might start another pair of socks but you know what, I don’t think I would put high odds on that. I do have a hat to finish, after all.

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