I Seem To Find An Awful Lot Of Words To Describe Nothin’

I realize today is American Thanksgiving, but as it is a holiday I am finding our celebration of to be in increasingly dubious taste given what we know and continue to learn about its genocidal origins, I’m uh…going to be a party pooper and just sort of ignore it.

(that said, I did tote a broccoli and cheesy rice casserole over to Jessica’s and ate turkey, but we pretty much only do this at this point out of tradition, and as fun as it is to cook, I’d be cool if America as a whole just kind of quit on Thanksgiving and also tossed Black Friday out after it…)

(is now a good time to mention I’ve got a raging headache, PMS, and a lot of existential angst?)

I haven’t been around for a few days because the thing I was afraid of happening did: I ran out of anything in my life to talk about. This is a thing that happens when one rarely leaves their house. I would leave the house more, but I am going to be in Norway in about a month and five days, and I need to have money for food and souvenirs and the Norwegian books and CDs I want but that I can’t get here. Leaving the house often ends up costing money, so I try not to. Except for Pokemon Go runs, where I dash out to the nearest Pokestop to keep my weekly streaks going, and you know what, I realize that sounds ludicrous because I am an entire grown-ass adult, but, whatever.

So…that’s happening. Or, you know, not.

I had plans to visit my Oklahoma grandparents next weekend. There is a problem: they don’t know this. They don’t know, because thanks to my absolutely wretched complex about talking on the phone, I haven’t called them. Which means I will probably show up next weekend having booked a hotel room (goodbye money) and also that I will probably run into my father on one of his frequent weekend visits, which is…it’s awkward. Dad’s an okay dude, but I don’t really know him very well, and I tend to have a tremendously hard time making conversation with strangers. Which he essentially is. And honestly, we could probably work through that eventually, except then I have nothing to discuss because I work from home and don’t get out much, and also he follows me on Instagram.

(what is life like for people with “normal” families? it boggles the mind)

But there you go. That’s it. Between now and late December, all I have going on is a trip to Oklahoma – which is a nice state, but very¬†flat, like literally it’s flat as all get out, so that drive is shorter but somehow even less exciting than the one to Bitty Lake City, Louisiana – oh, and I am seeing my dentist next week. Not exactly going to throw a party over that last one, I think. It’s going to involve fillings.

I don’t even have an ending to this post.

I do, however, have this photo of my cat curled up into a vaguely heart-shaped ball.

So cute, you’d never know she¬†ripped a tiny but perfectly painfully placed hole in the arch of my left foot as I tried to sleep last night.


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