I’m Blue Apron!

Right. Oh, dear. I meant to update this a long time ago…several times…I think I promised pictures…

Robert Burns says the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. How nice, I think, that the mice and the men are capable of making plans, which seems to be a facility I lack entirely.

There’s been a book release this week (the Sucre Coeur series is now a digital boxset available at your favorite eBook retailer! there’s RECIPES), as some of you all may know, as I am sure the spike in traffic is due to the spectacular Bookstagram tour over on Instagram and also this week, my series sponsored the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books podcast. I am not a frequent listener of podcasts, but I have consumed enough of them to know that this makes me Blue Apron. Or possibly SquareSpace?

The point is, hello, and welcome, and thank you, and I’m sorry. I am not good at keeping up here at the best of times, and lately, oh, lord. It has not at all been the best of times. Also this week I am wearing fairly long fake nails and typing remains a chore. But mostly, things have been not good here, what with on the one hand being sick for quite an annoying amount of the last couple of months, and on the other, I very recently had to travel to my itty bitty swampy hometown to say goodbye to an unexpectedly lost friend.

That part really, really sucked, and I will probably deal with it by writing about it, as I do, but not yet.

Deep breaths.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I will be spending it in drag at a gay bar, as one does. I hope you, too, all of you, have plans. I hope¬†very¬†much that those plans include telling your loved ones that you do, actually, love them. I hope you pick up a phone and text someone you haven’t seen in a while just to say hey. I hope the last thing you say to someone is something you can remember fondly and with a clear heart.

Bisous, poppets. Happy Valentine’s Day. Sorry to end on a bummer of a note. I can only suppress my grief in favor of bedazzling mesh gloves for so long.

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